P-P-P-Poker Face (Customisable)

$10.90 SGD
P-P-P-Poker Face (Customisable)

Can't read my, can't read my
No, he can't read my poker face
HAH, that was lame but we promise we are head-turners!

|| More About Us:
P-P-P-Poker Face is made of plastic with surgical steel hook (hypoallergenic), measuring 3.5cm x 7cm and weighs 2g each pair.

Variations of P-P-P-Poker Face individual chips: dark green in number 1, dark purple in number 2, pink in number 3, brown in number 4, yellow in number 5, purple in number 6, fuchsia in number 9, light blue in number 10, orange in number 20, light green in number 50, red in number 100.

*Note: Each purchase comes in a pair! Slide into our DM on Instagram if you want to customise your own pair (subject to availability)!