Mr and Mrs DaBao

$12.90 SGD - $13.90 SGD
Mr and Mrs DaBao

We come in a pair but in recent years, it seems like more and more humans are opting for either of us โ€“ or even, neither. It is good I guess. We know how much pain and sufferings we've caused the Mother Earth.

|| More About Us:
Mr DaBao (paper packet with chopstick) is made of real takeaway paper, wooden chopstick and rubber band with surgical steel hook (hypoallergenic); measuring 5cm x 5cm and weighing 3g.

Mrs DaBao (plastic bag) is made of real plastic bag with surgical steel hook (hypoallergenic); measuring 4cm x 6.5cm and weighing 1g.

*Note: The keychain option is sprayed with a layer of acrylic spray to ensure durability.

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