NDP Special Brooches

$8.90 - $10.90
NDP Special Brooches

A tribute to the everyday things in Singapore before they are gone!

Some say we look cool, some say they are too shy to express their love for the country openly. One thing for sure, we are one of the reasons why so many love Singapore – a mix of modernity and traditions.

|| About Us:
We are all attached to a silver rotary brooch back (from Art Friend) – pin it on your shirt or even on your tote bag to instantly lift up your entire look! Our plastic bag brooches are sturdy (with added material inside) so don’t worry, it won’t be flimsy!

Note: We are handmade with 100% love. Do note that we vary slightly in terms of workmanship and design and are to be taken care of to prevent wear and tear!