$10 SURPRISE A FRIEND! (For Earrings / Necklaces)

$10 SURPRISE A FRIEND! (For Earrings / Necklaces)

Can’t decide what to buy for your friends this Christmas? All you have to do is answer 5 questions and we will decide for you & mail it to his/her house. Items included in this campaign are all priced above $10.90

Steps to Redeem:
1. Purchase listing ($10 + $1.60 shipping) and fill up the mailing address respectively. (*If it's a gift, do ensure the name and mailing address belongs to the gift recipient)
2. We will contact you via email with our exclusive quiz which will determine what you / your friend receives.
3. Inform us via email upon quiz completion.
4. You will receive an email notification once we mail out!

*Do note that no exchanges (if it is unsuitable) will be allowed upon receiving for this campaign.